Sony Retail Interactive Tablet Experience


The launch of the Sony Tablet was a key component of Sony’s four screen convergence strategy. While planning the launch, Sony wanted to explore ideas for its new tablet to stand out in a retail environment.

After researching retail tablet displays we noticed most Android tablets would fall asleep and turn into a black screen after a period of inactivity. A line up of blank screens on each tablet offers little room for visual differentiation between devices.

theLIFT produced a concept codenamed “9 Tiles” that features a futuristic young women living and interacting with the Sony tablet inside the screen. The Android tablet application attracts attention with small series of idle scenes and does not go to sleep, no black screen. Customers can tap the application and quickly explore product features, exit to the home screen and try out applications on the tablet. After a period of idle type our hero woman returns to attract her next potential buyer.